Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Looking for Telugu TV channels to watch whilst in the US ? Did you know that DISH Network offered Telugu Programming ? If you didn't then now you do !

You can get 4 channels, namely; MAA TV, TV9 Telugu, Gemini TV, and Teja TV. All this for only $29.99/mo.

To order Dish Network today call 1-888-718-3931 and ask how you can order Telugu programming.

Monday, September 14, 2009

There are a lot of Russian immigrants living in my neighborhood, so I was not surprised to learn that my neighbor had the Russian package on his Dish Network system. I’m always interested in learning about other cultures, so I went over to Igor’s house the other day to watch Russian satellite TV. As it turns out, it’s not all that different from watching Spanish satellite TV. The channels on Dish Net work have a mixture of sports and “regular” programming. All the broadcasts are is Russian, so Igor had to explain things to me, but I learned a lot about the culture. Did you know that Russian people were really into extreme sports? It reminded me of watching those Japanese games shows where people do incredibly crazy things for money. I was also surprised at how female-friendly the programming was on Russian satellite TV. There’s a really popular talk show called “Women’s Way” where people discuss women’s issues. Russia has come a long way from the country I studied in elementary school. There are other talk shows as well. One is called “School of Gossip”, where they discuss what’s going on with celebrities. It’s like a Russian “Access Hollywood.” Another one’s called “Hero of the Day”, which is pretty inspiring. It’s like those episodes of Oprah where she rewards someone who’s done something great--only every episode is dedicated to a hero. There’s also lots of news programming on Russian satellite TV. I can only assume that Russians take current events much more seriously than Americans. I gather that people can keep up with not only national news but world news any minute of the day (like CNN or Fox News but without the shows that have too much “spin”). There are a lot of shows on Dish Network’s Russian channels about what’s going on in America. There are several shows that follow pop culture in the United States. Our celebrities (famous or infamous) are a popular topic on Russian satellite TV shows. Russia also has a growing number of talented movie scriptwriters, directors, and actors. Channels dedicated to Russian cinema show a variety of well-made, well-written, and well-acted flicks. They’re not all dark, like I would expect from Russian theatre. I guess I’ve read too much Chekov, Dostoyevsky, and Tolstoy. I don’t know that I’d recommend Russian satellite TV for all Americans. However, you can learn a lot about the country we once feared by checking out Russian programming on Dish Network. If you want a greater understanding, and have a translator handy, you should check it out for yourself.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I recently bought Dish Net work because of the TurboHD that you can only get from Dish Network! It's the only real 100% HD programming out there. Having 3 HDTVs in my house, nothing else made more sense. I love the fact that I can have a great picture in every room for less than $50 a month AFTER the initial rate expires (try getting that from DirecTV).

Dish Network is amazing in every aspect of programming. Easy to use program guides, easy to follow menus, and great customer service is what you get at Dish Network. I had Dish Network years ago, and I liked it then, but what I have now makes that pale in comparison. Forget cable! Forget DirectTV! Go with the best in the industry, especially when it comes to all HD all the time. And then add the joy of the DVR, which you can control from your computer if necessary - misplaced a remote and used my laptop for a couple of hours until my roommate found the remote. Never miss live TV again. Pause it! Record it! Replay it! All with an easy, user-friendly remote. You can set up your favorite television series to record themselves, and it will work when the next season kicks in, too! New release just came out at the video store and you don't want to leave the house?

Video on Demand in true 1080p HD for the same price as your local movie rental store for Blu-Ray. Why would you leave the house for that. Order your favorite food delivery and sit back and watch without the wait or the hassle of long lines. I have since gotten my friends to buy Dish Network. They have come and seen the quality of my picture combined with my bill. Duh! My brother and sister-in-law actually went out and BOUGHT a new HDTV so they could get TurboHD only available from Dish Network!

TurboHD comes in 3 different levels; TurboHD Bronze, TurboHD Silver, and TurboHD Gold. Each package costs about $10 more a month to add from the previous one, as well as having a $10 platinum channel package that can be added to any of the TurboHD packages and it includes MGMHD, HDNET MOVIES, UNIVERSALHD, NBAHD TV, plus a few more. Usually, when you buy new service from Dish Network, you get a few of the premium channels for free or cheap for a few months. Compared to my former cable company (Comcast), you get WAY more HD channels per premium movie package! I would get one HBO or one STARZ! movie channel that would come in HD. With Dish Network, I currently have HBO, STARZ! SHOWTIME and CINEMAX with a total of 22 channels that are broadcast in HD! So ditch cable and BUY DISH NETWORK!!!!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I've been very disappointed with my cable company's Spanish language offerings. Out of nearly 400 channels of programming, I am only able to get two channels that are dedicated to Spanish language programming. I accepted this as a simple inconvenience due to the area that I live in.
There just isn't a lot of demand for those channels here, so my cable company has very little incentive to provide them. I didn't think I had any better options.

A friend invited me over the other day to check out his new plasma screen TV. While I was impressed by the size and picture clarity of his new television, there was something there that I found much more impressive. My friend subscribed to Dish Mexico. Apparently, DishMexico is owned by Dish Network, which is a leading provider of satellite television, audio programming and interactive television services.

DishMexico has been made specifically for Spanish-speaking viewers of Mexican decent living in the United States and offers more than 50 Spanish-language channels geared towards Mexican culture and interests, so I was completely in awe when I saw everything that was available. The channel line-up alone is amazing, ranging from such popular networks like Telefutura, Galavision, Azteca America and Teleformula just to name a few. I was impressed not only by the channel selection, but by the picture and sound clarity as well. There is also a wide variety of content as well, such as children's programming, movie channels, music, news channels, sports and more. You get all of it for a very reasonable price. I was so impressed that when I got home later that day, I decided to look into the service myself.

The basic DishMexico package is apparently just one of many available packages. You can expand the service with DishLatino, which offers Latino entertainment from all over the world, including TelevisiĆ³n Dominicana and Telemundo Puerto Rico. DishLatino was created to service the many different Spanish speaking elasticities. Whether you're Puerto Rican, Nicaraguan, Bolivian or Venezuelan, there's something specifically for you on DishLatino. Upgrading to the DishLatino Plus package gets you even more channels and services than what you'd get from the basic DishMexico package, including over 45 Spanish language channels plus 9 English channels including Sci Fi channel, USA Network, Toon Disney and TBS. You also get additional music channels along with it.

If you're looking for even more programming, there are larger packages available. In the end, I'd like to thank Dish Netwok for reaching out to a large number of Spanish-speaking people and finding a way to meet their television viewing needs. The available channels are great to have and the pricing is very fair. I know that I am a lot happier since I discovered DishMexico.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well, I was brought up in India and we have a very good network of Indian television channels. Being a customer of Dish TV, I have a really good variety of hindi channels. As far as Zee TV is concerned, it has a lot of variety of shows. We have ample shows to be watched. These days dance shows like Dance India have also been given promotion on Zee TV.

As we all know, India is a country of hidden talents. There was once a man who had no legs and just used his hands to perform! His performance was spectacular and won the hearts of all. Next show is Maayka (meaning a married girl’s mother’s home in Hindi) where we talk about four sisters who have lost their parents and are now surviving with the harsh conditions their in-laws put in front of them. It clearly shows that money is not the only thing required to carry out a happy married life. We need the support of a husband, love from in-laws and a good, understanding atmosphere.

There are many other shows that pull people’s attention and teach us a better way to live. As far as B4U Music is concerned, it plays all the latest tracks of new movies and, and some old tracks too. It is a truly refreshing channel but in the rat race, it somewhere lags behind MTV India and Channel V. But still since many people cannot afford a cable connection people watch B4U as it is free to air. We can also enjoy some movies on these channels. They provide wholesome entertainment and really enrich our movie knowledge which is a must these days. All these channels provide us with beautiful entertainment and serve the basic purpose of watching television – to pass time.

There are many other channels which help us pass time and also provide us with knowledge but undoubtedly Zee TV tops the list. Another show called Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo (oh lord! make me a girl in only in every life) is also gaining popularity. It talks about a girl who is the eldest in her family and puts up in a village. Her father is handicapped and she has three brothers who are starving to death. Now it is her duty to make sure they are fed properly and given a good life later on.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I went to the mailbox one morning and noticed I had received an advertisement from Dish Netwrok with a great deal on their satellite packages. You got well over 100+ channels for a great price. So that evening my husband and I decided to call Dish Network and see what the "catch" was. I was so surprised when the lady on the phone said there was no charge for coming to our house and putting in the dish or hooking up the receivers. She gave us a lot of information about the pricing and the different packages that we could choose from and then she set up a time for the service guy to come to our home.
The service guy showed up right on time a couple of days later. He put up our dish and hooked up our receivers. Next he explained everything to me about how to work the remote and what to do if I had any questions later he also told me that I could get online anytime at www.dishnetwork.com to get information, change my packages if I want, or to even pay the montly bill. He also hooked up our telephone to the TV so that we could order movies right from the remote. Next, I had ordered a DVR because I miss some of my favorite tv shows while I am working but I had never had a DVR and I didn't know a thing about how to use it. So he patiently took me through the steps to record a program or a full season of a program if thats what I wanted to do. So that evening my husband and I watched TV with a crisp, clear picture at a much lower price than what we had been paying cable. Plus, we had a lot more channels than what we had with cable. Now if I want to ever change the channels that we get I can just get online at www.dishnetwork.com and change them around and they are changed instantly without having to even talk to a person on the phone. How easy can it be ? When we got our first billing statement and I looked it over I noticed that I could even pay the bill online which was another plus because I hate writing checks. My experience with Dish Network was great and I would never consider going back to cable tv.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Tired of cable? I know I am. After being a cable television subscriber for many years, I finally made the switch. I just got frustrated by the service going in and out. I figured that if I am paying hard-earned money for a service, I want to know that I can count on it to be reliable. Is that too much to ask? I don't think so. In the past, I have seen the commercials for DishNetwork many times on television. I've also seen online banner ads, but for the most part I have just ignored them. I didn't want to change providers because I thought it would be too much of a hassle.

However, after spending half an hour on the phone trying to get the cable company to explain to me why the cable television service was unreliable, I finally decided, "Enough is enough!" I went online to www.dishnetwork.com and started researching about satellite television. The Dish Network website was easy to manage and I was able to find all the information I needed to know. There is a tab for FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions, which has the answers to any question you may have. There is also Live Chat and Support with experts that are there to help.

Dish Network offers many different packages and options that start as low as $24.99 a month. For that low price, you receive America's Top 120 package, which has channels that every member of your family will enjoy. Of course, there is also the America's "Everything" Pak which has over 295 channels of great television for the television lover who desires the ultimate entertainment package. Additionally, there is a featured promotion where you can get Free HBO and Starz for three months, twelve months of Cinemax for a penny, a fifty dollar credit on your first bill and Free PlatinumHD for three months. There are also bundle packages available through Dish Network.

There is the DishDVR Advantage that includes 2-room DVR service and Free Standard Professional Installation. In this all-inclusive package, along with your local channels, you can also get SIRIUS music as well as over 200 of your favorite channels. For the same price that we paid for cable service, we are able to receive so many more channels through Dish Network. It is a great value for the price that we pay and the best part? The service is reliable. If you are ready for a change, there are just three easy steps to take. Go to www.dishnetwork.com, click Order Dish Now, and place your order. Also, you can call 1.888.692.9248 with Dish Network Promo Code 18895 for priority installation.